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Social Media Management Services For Finance Professionals

The power of social media cannot be denied in the 2020s.

Today, almost every generation is reaping the benefits of social media: staying in touch with friends/family, shopping for products/services online, keeping up with the news, and consuming different types of media. Social media has snowballed into a massive globe that attracts people from all walks of life for a wide range of unique purposes.

As a finance business, you can engage and convert your target audience using social media. Today, the leading social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn. As you launch a social media campaign for each of these apps, you reach more people, get more calls, make more sales, and keep your business going and growing in the long run. Yes, social media is very powerful.

At Finance Marketing District, we offer professional social media management services for finance professionals. By creating, maintaining, and updating your social media presence, we ensure that you generate more leads and improve your brand identity by leaps and bounds.


Our Unique Approach

Our social media specialists are adept at creating social media marketing strategies for finance businesses. Today, many brokerage firms make the mistake of partnering with regular social media marketing firms.

As a finance business, you should rely on a company that actually understands the finance industry well. Our founder, Jerome Innecco, is a renowned finance professional. He has extensive experience in personal lending and mortgage lending. Our team also shares the same expertise and experience in finance. By combining their financial know-how with a nuanced understanding of modern social media marketing, they create an individualised strategy that performs exceptionally well.

From creating value-added, enriching, and engaging posts to sharing interactive stories to creating audience-centric polls, we thoroughly engage your audience. We also leverage social media ads to help your business reach a wider audience. As a result, we generate more leads for your business.

At Finance Marketing District, we put your business first. If you want to get started with Facebook advertising for financial advisors or want to reap the benefits of complete social media management for finance professionals, give us a call today 02-8896-6092. We’ll help you get started.